February 15, 2016

Label Spotlight: Iron Bonehead Productions

Written by Kevin Page.

Iron Bonehead Productions of Germany has scoured the earth since 1995 to find all that is evil, disgusting and nasty to release for our listening pleasure. There seemingly isn't a month that goes by without a new band serving up their debut demo, EP, or full length album of vile filth. So on that note, here's 3 bands and their initial recorded material for you to enjoy.

Hailing from Poland/Germany, Chthonic Cult has spit forth from the raging hellfires, I Am the Scourge of Eternity (what a great title, isn't it?). Raw and bestial black/death, which is what you come to expect from an IBP band, but with enough doom and restraint to prevent it from being a sloppy and unpolished affair. Normally music of this ilk doesn't reside in tracks ranging from 8 to 14 minutes, but somehow it works.

Cover art by Ryanimator

Spanish blackened death metallers, Altarage, serve up two songs of ugly misery over the course of 10 minutes. Blasting drums, soul ripping vocals and heaving guitars. Consider this as an introduction to the band, which already has its full length ready to be released on February 26th [which will include the two songs presented here]. If you remotely like this on any level, the follow up will melt your insides.

Artwork by Paolo Girardi

With Italy's Blasphemonger currently on hold, vocalist/bassist R.R. Bastard found something else to keep himself busy: Ripping Death. Thrashy death metal is the order of the day on Tales of the Ripper and a band sounding like it's having (dare I say this about an Iron Bonehead release) FUN. Filled with bouncy and catchy riffs, the first three songs just roll right into the next. Rounding out the package is a cover of Cianide's "Rage War" along with some sweet Paolo Girardi artwork.

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