February 3, 2016

Label Spotlight: Unspeakable Axe Records

Written by Kevin Page.

Unspeakable Axe Records hailing from Athens, Georgia got its start in 2013 as a sub label of Dark Descent Records. Their primary focus are bands with a more thrash oriented sound than its parent label but there's still plenty of death metal and crossover on their roster. Every release is a pure homage to its respective genre. No experimentation, no avant garde, just pure unapologetic wear your influences on your sleeve like a red badge of courage metal. On that note, here's 3 of their recent releases for you to check out.

Existing in one form or another since 1985, bay area death/thrash act, Insanity, return with original vocalist/guitarist, Dave Gorsuch leading the charge. Since their debut album in 1994, Death After Death, they've released 3 compilations, a demo and an EP. Now 21 years later and they have their sophomore full length, Visions of Apocalypse. It's cliche to say a band has an old school sound/feel/production, but this album sounds like it was written and recorded in the late 80's and just finally released. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking, so give it a listen and see if I'm wrong.

Cover art by Ryanimator

Atlanta, Georgia three piece thrash band, Sadistic Ritual, return with their second EP, Edge of the Knife. Sorta an Americanized version of old school Kreator meets Destruction (musically and vocally) with enough slop and dirt to keep the catchy riffage from sounding too 'happy go lucky'. Pure thrash metal that doesn't require anymore adjectives or run on sentences from yours truly. Get crackin'

Cover Art by Rachel Truskolawski

Scorched, from Delaware, serve up some meat-n-potatoes 1990's death metal on their debut self titled demo. I'm not really sure why they're calling this a demo since the production is perfectly acceptable for an EP. Normally, back in the day a demo was 2-3 songs, but here they give you 6 tracks over 17 minutes. There's nothing original going on here yet they don't really sound like any one particular band. It's like they took everything about 1990's death metal and threw it into a blender and the cohesive elements rose to the surface.

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