Sunday, September 16, 2012

High Spirits - Another Night

High Spirits - Another Night is on Bandcamp! This is sweetly melodic traditional Heavy Metal, often ridiculously catchy, and always with a vibe that is familiar, yet so refreshing.

The first three songs are a triptych of hard rocking perfection. Starting with the multi-tracked falsetto vocals of Another Night in the City, continuing with the poignant lyrics about remembering that special relationship of Do You Remember, and culminating with the up-beat tempo and almost empowering dynamics of the anthemic Full Power.

The rest of the album doesn't reach the level of those three songs, but there is still much to enjoy. The musicianship is precise, and the production is just perfect; clear but not polished. There's ample room for every buzzing riff, every harmonized solo, and all the details like the guitar breaks in I'll Be Back, and the powerful bass line of Nights In Black.

The three reviews from The Metal Archives covers Another Night in exquisite detail, but let me round this up with the words of BadWolf from No Clean Singing: Another Night is No concepts, no conceits, no bullshit. Just good times and hard rocking.

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  1. I had seen random posts about this over at Metal Review, but was never moved to listen until your post here. So glad I did - I really enjoyed this. As you said, a very refreshing, fun listen.

    1. Glad you like it. That's what we're here for; turning people on to some good metal.