September 23, 2012

Pestilential Shadows - Depths

Pestilential Shadows - Depths from 2011 is available on the Seance Records Bandcamp. This is well done, even classy black metal. Majestic without being symphonic, its anguished moods are created by the blazing and hypnotic guitar riffing. Some parts makes me think of Altar of Plages as channeled through a more frostbitten sensibility; as the Invisible Oranges review puts it
What makes Pestilential Shadows so interesting is their ability to expertly dwell between the two extremes of black metal, channeling an atmospheric mixture of violent thrash worship and freewheeling ambient sorrow that made Scandinavia’s second wave of black metal so successful.
The production gracefully integrates modern touches like synths and acoustics into the murky blackness, it is a very coherent sounding album. Check out another review from the omniscient Autothrall and sink into the Depths.

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