September 29, 2012

Wolves Carry My Name - Amongst Ruins And Ashes

Written by Ulla Roschat.

The Chili Chocolate

I love chili chocolate. I love the taste of supposedly contradicting flavors. Amongst Ruins and Ashes, the debut album of the 5 piece sludge band Wolves Carry My Name from Siegen/Germany is just like that. Just like the chocolate that slowly melts in your mouth to unfold the different flavors on your tongue and you realize the chocolatier knows his job and created a multi-layered and variant delicacy, the six songs of this album slowly unfold their different flavors of sludge, stoner doom, post metal and even bluesy swampy southern sounds and you realize the chocolatier....., wait... no the musicians know their job and composed a multi-layered variant delicious sludge beast. Heavy, crushing, creepy, grooving. There’s the ambient post rock atmosphere that gets slayed by crushing sludge riffs, bluesy grooves to soothe your mind, again to be destroyed by the chili... what? Yes the vocals, they are the chili in the chocolate. The bleak, gravelly, somewhat unusual vocals make the whole thing even more delicious.

Amongst Ruins and Ashes is a little gem with a distinctive style and it comes from a very young band that was formed only some months (September 2011) before the release of this debut album (April 2012)!!!

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