September 14, 2012

Venus Blue - Blue Venus

Review by Aaron Sullivan.

Hailing from Texas comes Venus Blue with an interesting take on Stoner. If you took the song writing of early Pentagram, the fuzz of Blue Cheer, the raw sexuality of The Stooges, added a dash of Punk, and mixed them up in a blender. This is the band you would get. It’s a mix that not only works, but works well. If someone told me this was some long lost 70’s garage rock demo I would believe it. The production is raw adding to it’s garage rock feel and captures that era with great effect. Guitar is strong on this album. Between riffs and solos it’s in your face and fuzzed out. The rhythm section is a rock. Solid and heavy. While vocals are somewhere between Liebling, Pop, and Bowie.

For the most part this album is very simple. No bells or whistles. Just a guitar, bass, and drums. But it’s all it needs to get you off your ass, shake your hips, and bang your head. So just push play. The music will do the rest.

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