September 2, 2012

Summit - Demo 2011

Review by Aaron Sullivan.

From Norway comes the DOOM band Summit. Their brand of DOOM is one that is flowing with emotion. The music is heavy and dark while the vocals establish the emotion of sorrow that washes over all of it. No harsh vocals to be found here. Like DOOM of this kind vocals are sung in a clear voice in order to convey the message clearly. But not all is low and slow, Pleasing to the Lord midsection takes things up a notch in terms of speed, if ever so briefly. Musically no new ground is broken really; just solid DOOM. Guitars are heavy, the bass sound is warm and full, and the drums bring the thunder. All mixed well. For a three song sample, this album shows real promise. Comparisons with Warning or Pallbearer are not unfounded. Hope to hear more from these guys in the future.

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