March 19, 2013

Into Darkness - Into Darkness

You know that feeling when you hear something for the first time, and you go "fuuuck this is really good"? Into Darkness an Italian death/doom band, in the 90's ancient way, was recommended by Kim Kelly on Twitter. She has great taste, and more often than not her Bandcamp picks are pure gold. So naturally I jumped on Into Darkness right away, and there it was that feeling. The moment the first song began the things to like about the demo started piling up. I'll let Islander from No Clean Singing explain what I mean:
Apart from the effective bleakness of the atmosphere, there were four more things I really liked about this song: The guitar tone (raw and rancid); the terrific riffs that the band unleash in the parts of the song when the tempo accelerates; the ghastliness of the vocals (remarkably reminiscent of Asphyx’ Martin van Drunen); and the great contrast produced by the clean melodic guitar leads. Oh fuck, I loved the drumming and the organic production, too, so that makes five and six.
Do you also know that feeling when you want something right now, but you just can't have it? The Into Darkness demo was streaming-only on their Bandcamp. There was mention of a sold out tape and future vinyl and CD releases. But no digital download option. I inquired the band about it, and was told the it would happen when all the physical format were eventually sold out. That feeling... Fast forward to now: The CD and vinyl are still available, but two hours ago Into Darkness made it available for digital download too. If remarkably fresh sounding death/doom rooted in the Asphyx / Derketa tradition, with varied songwriting and an excellent production, sounds like something you'd like, you have to check this out. Go go.

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