March 8, 2013

Koldbrann - Vertigo

Koldbrann's Vertigo is available on the Season of Mist Bandcamp. Formed in 2001, this is only Koldbrann's third full-length; one that contains the bands answer to the question of where Norwegian Black Metal is heading these days. Basically Koldbrann's answers by wandering off the beaten path - by diversifying, while still writing solid, kick-ass songs. That's How Kids Dies' track descriptions gives you a good picture of the different locations Koldbrann visits on Vertigo:

Photo © Per Ole Hagen, Artist Pictures Blog, All rights reserved.
“Stolichnaya Smert” is a high-octane ode to the cruel mistress vodka, while the awesomely titled “Goat Lodge” splits the difference between Carpathian Forest and Celtic Frost, and then chucks in a bluesy solo for good measure. “Totalt Sjelelig Bankerott” starts off as an oldschool blackened scorcher before morphing into punked up nastiness and back again. Things even get a bit psychedelic on album closer “Inertia Corridors,” a track that juxtaposes ice-cold guitars against magic mushroom synths.
Photo © Per Ole Hagen, Artist Pictures Blog, All rights reserved.

Let me add add that the first song IntroVertigo mixes rousing rock infused riffing with subtle dissonance and cold keyboards hinting at avantgarde French black metal. All this may give you the impression that Vertigo is a disjointed affair, but it is held together a stellar production job. It is clear, even pristine, but also surprisingly meaty, letting all those big fat riffs shine. Vertigo is one of those albums that manages to be both diverse and cohesive at the same time. Read the review from Angry Metal Guy and check it out.

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Thanks to Per Ole Hagen for letting me use his photos. They originally appeared in this Inferno Festival Kick Off 2013 article, and you can see many more on his Flickr.

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