May 6, 2013

Boneworm - Boneworm

Written by Ulla Roschat.

Boneworm are a three piece Sludge/Doom band from Portland/Oregon/USA, formed in 2012. Their self titled debut album was released in the same year! The album consists of only three songs but with a runtime of about 42 minutes overall, and the shortest song being 12:55, all of them can be called long, unhesitatingly.

Boneworm play sludgy doom with sprinkles of psychedelic and post metal sounds. Their style is a quite unique combination of slowness and heaviness with a kind of minimalistic attitude and a definitely sweet melvin-ish vibe to it. With these ingredients they create torturing dark atmospheres of desolation and hopelessness.

Each song takes about 666 years to expand and pour their viscous corrosive venom into your ears and unfold gloomy soundscapes in your head. Ostensibly unobtrusive, but relentlessly intense and menacing they carry a sense of omniscience and inevitability where no hurry or outburst of rage is necessary. You are doomed, there is no way out of it. And Doom is the essential thing you hear and feel throughout the entire album. All is sounding very immediate, direct, natural and organic. Despite their dazed-snail like tempo everything sounds right on point. Every evil riff, every delusive escape promising psychedelic guitar part, all is set perfectly right.

This exciting and beautiful gem of an album is bursting with originality and creativity. It is not an easy listening thing. The album is demanding and exhausting and you will feel the agonizing, gnawing slowness and heaviness in each second of it, but the intrinsic hypnotic attraction and the bewitching intensity and depth you will feel all the same.

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