May 20, 2013

Ordo Obsidium - Orbis Tertius

Art by Médan Savamhel

Ordo Obsidium's album Orbis Tertius from 2011 is available on the Eisenwald Tonschmiede Bandcamp. The is black metal mixed with the atmosphere and melodies of funeral doom. The songs skillfully combines chaotic black metal and moody funeral doom into emotional roller coaster rides. As the album progresses the doom elements gets more prevalent, culminating with the majestic "By His Unflinching Hand". The emotive acoustic outro to that song is an example of the little touches (acoustics, tasteful synths) that Ordo Obsidium deploys exactly where needed. In fact Orbis Tertius is an album where everything feels just right. The production hits the sweet spot between sounding raw and analog (it was recorded to two-inch tape), and being clean enough to enjoy the instrumentation (and there is much to enjoy). And the vocals... as the merry Lurkers so eloquently put it: "His voice is at once a tour-de-force of distress and hopelessness and then a harrowing call to arms". Highly recommended.

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