May 21, 2013

Antero Sleeps - Titan

Review by Aaron Sullivan.

Out of the big state of Texas comes the big concepts of Antero Sleeps. A band that combines original Sci-Fi stories with Sludgy DOOM. As it says on their Bandcamp,
In a different age, there was a planet populated by genetically perfect people. They lived in peace until an accidental discovery, on a distant moon, unearthed an alien weapon that threatened to destroy them all. We are telling their stories.
Indeed they do. With songs that are packed with power and emotion. Each song feeling like it’s own chapter. Atmosphere is something they are going for and there is tons of it. Calling to mind bands like Neurosis. Songs are sprawling landscapes built by the notes played. The guitar chugs and buzz’s away along side throbbing bass and pounding drums. Vocals are harsh throaty yells. The music is infectious and in no time you find your head bobbing with it. No song under 5 minutes and thanks to all the twist and turns within, no song feels overdone or too long. No matter how heavy they get there seems to be an underlying beauty to it all.

This is a band that is perfect for fans of Yob, Neurosis, and early Mastodon. These guys have the music and the concept, and when combined they have something that really can set them apart from the pack.

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The original stories Titan is based on are available on the Antero Sleeps website.

  1. wow! the music is so ambient!! very awesome

    1. That quiet passage in "The Fall of Gellar Elias" is really killer. It also reminds me ever so slightly of the guitar in Chris Issak's "Wicked Games" (and I don't mean that as an insult).