November 11, 2012

Enslaved - Monumension

Enslaved's Monumension from 2001 marked an important step in their transition from a straight black metal band to the King Crimson of Viking Metal. On Monumension they maintain a base of thrashy black metal, but contrasts it with Pink Floyd-esque psychedelic rock. As befits the progressive tendencies none of the songs feel alike, but despite that the album flows well; moving from straight black (and death) to the aforementioned psychedelic parts with ease. And tossing in elements of sludge and doom, and even a couple of blasted sequences along the way. Keyboards are used well; they add atmosphere and progressive touches but never threaten to overpower the songs. The production has an organic feel; everything sounds a little rough around the edges, creating an interesting contrast against the progressive intricacies. Monumension is an album that feels alive. Check out the reviews from AllMusic and From the Dust Returned.

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