November 22, 2012

Pro-Death - The Aesthetic Somber Of Death

Pro-Death's The Aesthetic Somber Of Death is available on the Black Goat Records. This is Mechanized Death Metal. Not the slick industrial death metal of Fear Factory, these machines are rusting and on the verge of falling apart. The growling is guttural and the guitars are downtuned and buzzing; the production is raw and crusty like an old-school death metal record.

The Aesthetic Somber Of Death is collection of previously unreleased material from 1999-2005, this means it lacks the coherence of a real album and the production sometimes varies from track to track. But these are minor quibbles, the best songs like Earth's Disease mixes crushing death metal with raw machinery to great effect.

[Go to the post to view the Bandcamp player]

Note: The Aesthetic Somber Of Death contains 11 songs, of which only 5 are streaming on the Bandcamp. If you buy the album you get all 11 tracks.

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