November 9, 2012

Make - Axis

Review by Aaron Sullivan.

One year after the release of the fantastic album Trephine. MAKE continues on their genre mixing quest by releasing the three song Axis E.P. Like all music they make, progression is the name of the game.

The title track is a slow burner instrumental that gains speed as is goes. Going from Drone, to hypnotic shoegaziness, to an all out guitar assault in the span of 17 minutes. Chimera starts with a Sludge heavy riff with screamed vocals, moves into Black Metal rasped Sludge, and then into guttural voiced Sludge. With each new vocal style also comes a shift in the music’s tempo. Are you getting the point that these guys never end the way they start? The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters sees the bass and drums locked in a groove while the guitar is creating all kinds of atmospheric sounds. Then 4 minutes in shifts into an Ambient Drone piece as the drum and bass slowly fade out giving way to piano.

This three song E.P. does a great job of showing how versatile and progressive this band is. Their songs are constantly shifting in the most fluid ways allowing all their influences to be heard without songs feeling bloated. MAKE blew me away with their full length and have done it once again with this E.P.

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