November 4, 2012

Amarok - Amarok

Amarok has been described as the loud deafening roar of doom. They play really heavy doom combined with sludge and drone, and have a fascinating dual death/black vocal approach. The mix of guttural groans and chilling screams reminds me a little of Laudanum. The tempos vary from slow and drony to Sabbathian stomps. The guitars packs a mighty punch and occasionally break into buzzing leads. Memorable (and sorrowful) melodic parts, and enough variation in the arrangements to keep things interesting.

Here's an account of how Amarok began life as a band. According to the Doommantia review the CD version of the album features three songs. In the comment section Amarok states that due to time constraints the vinyl version on Orca Wolf Records only has two of them. You can find the third song on their split with Pyramido, and a fourth on their split with Enth. Amarok helpfully includes roman numerals in their song titles, together I to IV is more than an hour worth of outstanding doom!

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Note. The reviews of the Amarok splits links to the Boue Records Bandcamp. You can get all three Amarok releases directly from the Orca Wolf Records Bandcamp.

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  1. Thanks to Mr. White for alerting me to this album, and Amarok's thing with the roman numerals :)