October 24, 2012

Amarok / Pyramido - Split

This is the second interesting split from Boue Records on Metal Bandcamp. Amarok was also featured on the first one (together with Enth), they play modern atmospheric doom, slow and droney, but less so than funeral doom. The riffs are really, really heavy and the guitar harmonies wonderfully noisy. Amarok knows how to make their doom dynamic; the use of multiple vocalists are interesting, and the 14 minutes song culminates with a faster section with more abrasive riffing, and an evil sounding bass drone.

Pyramido has two songs on the split, but in total they're less than a minute longer than the single Amarok track. While not experiental, the songs are well constructed, rising them above generic sludge riffing. But mostly Pyramido is a pretty straight take on well done doomy and crusty sludge metal; heavy as hell, and appropriately angry sounding.

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  1. This is what I love about BC. If I had to hunt down physical product for Amarok, it would probably end up being too expensive or on media I don't need or want (i.e., vinyl). But I've already found 4 of their songs (which for this band, means about an hour and a half of music), conveniently named I-IV, in easily obtained digital format.

    1. Your words they speak the truth Mr. White.

      So, the two splits from Boue Records are Amarok III and IV. Pray tell, where might I find I and II?

    2. Voila: