October 30, 2012

Seven Sisters of Sleep / Children of God - Split

Review by Natalie Zina Walschots. Originally published here by Exclaim.

On this split endeavour, Seven Sisters of Sleep and Children of God combine their efforts into 24 minutes of unbridled fury. Seven Sisters of Sleep contribute three tracks that are as lugubrious as they are monstrous ― the sounds take the shape of rancid, snarling dirges. Their section begins measured and drawn, but by the time they've unleashed "Almighty Black Talons," the brooding passages break out into assaults.

The contribution from Children of God is both more up-tempo and chaotic. The vocals are thinner, a strained wailing in contrast to the deeper, more anguished sound of Seven Sisters of Sleep. "Bled Dry" is their most introspective track, but it's still characterized by harsh rejection and disgust. Both bands are lashing out in anger, but where Seven Sisters of Sleep wait and strike, Children of God violently and indiscriminately flail. The only respite to this fury is sheer exhaustion.

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