October 29, 2012

Elder - Spires Burn​/​Release

I'm on a pretty strict and healthy Bandcamp diet, only occasionally chewing on a dry tasteless CD. One of the occasions was Elder's fantastic and incredibly guitar heavy Dead Roots Stirring from last year. Their label MeteorCity has a Bandcamp but only sell one track from each album, due to a deal with a third-party digital distributor, and I just had to have that album.

Now Elder has released a new EP on their own Bandcamp. Spires Burn/Release, is reminiscent of the sludgier parts of Dead Roots Stirring. Not entirely as adventurous or hypnotic, this is rawer and jammier. But it is equally guitar heavy and the bass buzzes delightfully. Ultimately the two long songs works very well as an inbetweener before the next Elder full-length.

[Go to the post to view the Bandcamp player]

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