October 22, 2012

Absvrdist - Illusory

Review by Brandon Duncan from The Sequence of Prime

Teeth fly out of your mouth as your head cocks backward. Blood rushes down your throat. Before you can even choke another blow is dealt to your gut. You keel over, blood spraying from the open sockets in your gums to the ground below you as all the air in your lungs is forced out. Pollock-esque splashes of blood form on the asphalt before your very eyes. Next thing you know you’re face first in your own bodily fluid. As you gasp for air you inhale your own blood along with chunks of gritty pavement. Tiny fragments and shards of street rip through your nasal cavity and esophagus. A blunt object makes contact with the side of your face, rotating your head and consequently the rest of your body 180 degrees, just in time for you to see a steel-toed boot accelerating straight towards your throat. Your eyes practically fly out of your head as it is forced into the curb. The unmistakable sound of cracking bone penetrates your eardrums. The realization that this sound is your skull breaking hits you just in time for your brain to swell out from the newly formed cracks in its container. A fog sweeps in front of your eyes. The world spins around you in slow motion. You see just clearly enough to make out the silhouettes of two men hovering over you. It takes every remaining ounce of strength you have left to form the word “.....help.” The two men remain motionless, growing hazier as they are swallowed in blackness. And just before you let go, you hear them laugh.

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