October 31, 2012

Imperial Triumphant - Abominamentvm

Review by Zamaan Raza.

Album art by Andrew Tremblay

When the word “technical” is used to describe a band, it is usually a byword for self-indulgence and overproduction. Although Imperial Triumphant must be described as such (check out the preposterous bass shredding on “Manifesto”), their virtuosity never feels needless or contrived.

Imperial Triumphant are a USBM band from New York, and Abomninamentvm is their first full length despite the fact that they have been knocking around since 2005. Their sound is strongly reminiscent of a concise Deathspell Omega --- indeed, the intro to “Crushing the Idol” sounds remarkably similar to DsO’s “Obombration.” Which is not to take anything away from Imperial Triumphant; they manage to fit a lot of riffs and grooves (see, for example, the jazzy break midway through “Devs est Machina”) into a frenetic 25 minutes without descending into an inchoate grind.

The highlight of the album has to be “S.P.Q.R,” with its uneasy, lurching beat provided by the ridiculously tight rhythm section, morphing into a grindcore-esque breakdown, and ending with one of the most memorable riffs you will hear all year. This is forward-thinking black metal of the highest calibre.

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  1. Good stuff. Speaking of the bass, if you go through the band's recommendation links, you can get a free download of the bassist's solo stuff, featuring bandura (a lute-like instrument) and other crazy stuff. It's not metal by any standard--unless you call it baroque-core--but I play classical guitar myself, so I'm digging it.


    1. Sounds interesting, I'll check it out.

    2. And I did. It wasn't something for me really, I like the cover more than the music :) But technically it's good, I can understand why a classical guitarist would be interested in it.