Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Only Good Tory - UK Grindcore Powerviolence compilation

No Clean Singing and Grind to Death have combined forces and released a compilation of UK grindcore and powerviolence, featuring a staggering 46 bands. The compilation is available as a free download accompanied by a pdf booklet with separate artwork for each of the 46 tracks. Later it will be released on cassette by DIY Noise. For a non grindcore/powerviolence aficionado like me this collection is great showcase of various styles (and production values). So do like I did, read the No Good Tory manifesto, and prepare your ears for some major sandblasting.

And if you're ready for more, go see some of these bands in their natural habitat. Like when Carmelo Española saw The Afternoon Gentlemen with Weekend Nachos in a basement last year. And took pictures of the event as he always does.

Photo by Carmelo Española.

[Go to the post to view the Bandcamp player]


  1. Hey Alex of Grind to Death here, big thanks for posting this, and glad you enjoyed it!