September 18, 2013

Deus Otiosus - Death Lives Again (demo)

Danish death metallers, Deus Otiosus, have uploaded their one and only demo, Death Lives Again from 2007, to their Bandcamp. I'll simply quote the press-release email I got, and let you enjoy it.
The demo was created in 2005-2007 when Deus Otiosus was a studioproject for Anders Bo Rasmussen and Henrik Engkjær. The latter also played in Victimizer and Church Bizarre during those days. The drums were played by Lars Groth who was then active in Crucifix – a death metal band that played a lot faster than Deus Otiosus are known to do. Lars’ drumming style certainly put it’s mark on the songs, so they have their own distinct character compared to the bands later material.

Since then Deus Otiosus have become a full band and main priority for all involved. Last year the band released their second album Godless on Deepsend Records (Gorguts, Dawn Of Demise, Coffins), and while the band is working on new material they’ve released this little piece of Danish metal history for free use.

[Go to the post to view the Bandcamp player]

  1. Hard to believe this is a demo.

    The drums are solid throughout; I really like the mid-tempo palm mute groove in the last track. It's not the most complicated maneuver in the world, but it's incredibly satisfying to hear it done right.

    1. Yeah, super solid demo; that's why this was newsworthy. Last track is my favorite too.