September 8, 2013

Fuck the Facts - Amer

Review by Red.

Artwork by Mel Mongeon

If there's a takeaway from Fuck the Facts' new EP Amer, it's that these seven songs could easily be expanded into something even better.  Or they can remain as they are and just be awesome.  The EP runs for 17 minutes and there isn't really a dull moment included.

Mel Mongeon's familiar scream is joined by a lower-pitched death growl this time around.  I'm not sure if it was present on Die Miserable, their previous LP.  It's definitely welcome, as variety in the vocals never hurts.  Six of the seven tracks are in French, while the lone English track is a doomy little piece that could segue quite well into the band's slower, more contemplative material.

Photo by Distortionplus.

It sounds like the band is having fun here.  There is a vibrant quality to these tracks that is immediately audible.  And when the band is having fun or is excited by what they're playing (both of which are applicable here), the listener usually can't help but be taken along for the ride.  As reviewers and listeners, I think most of us underrate experience for the sake of concerning ourselves with innovation (or the lack thereof) when analyzing a piece of music.  Experience and professionalism serve Fuck the Facts quite well.

Are they reinventing the wheel?  Hardly.  Amer is enjoyable and that's the point of it all.

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