September 14, 2013

Nomadic Rituals - Holy Giants

Review by Aaron Sullivan.

Back in April I reviewed six up and coming DOOM bands out of Ireland. The first being Nomadic Rituals who have returned with a full album entitled Holy Giants. The DOOM heard within is slow, low and crushing.

At first glance it seems the new album is actually just the three songs from the demo with two new ones added on. But that is not totally true. The demo was the skeleton of the first three songs. With this album these songs are fleshed out with better production (also mastered by the one and only James Plotkin) and extended in length in some cases. They once again open with "Don’t Fuck With Giants" and it helps set the tone for the album. Oppressive DOOM, vocal’s that ranges from Death style to rasped Blackened screams, a hint of ritualistic psychedelia, and just enough atmosphere to keep things dark. The two new songs, "Burning Planet" and "An Accepted Human Condition", are welcomed additions. The first having, from what I can tell, an environmental theme. The closer clocks in at over 15 minutes bookending the opener nicely.

While not a reinvention of the DOOM wheel it is an album that sees a band making their mark. All and all an impressive step forward from an already impressive demo.

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