Saturday, September 28, 2013

Vygr - Vygr

Creator-Destruktor is a small label with a few metal goodies available on their Bandcamp. There's Patience and Perseverance, the debut full-length from Gypsyhawk (who are now signed to Metal Blade), Thin Lizzy influenced Heavy Metal that's warm, melodic, and pretty darn good. And there's Vygr.

Vygr'a debut Hypersleep is muscular post-metal. Heavy Blog is Heavy called it a "dichotomy of huge lumbering riffs and melodic atmosphere" and "a damn fine addition to the genre". They also said it approaches "the archetypal post-metal sound", which may be why I prefer their self-titled EP. It's a 2011 re-release of an EP from 2008 with the addition of a new song. And it's terrific.

Compared to Hypersleep, Vygr is heavier, doomier, and the songs are more direct in their approach. The vocals are harsher, the guitars sound angrier, the production is less clean; in general there's more focus on the sludgy aspect of the post-metal sound. Many of the riffs are terrific; my favorite being the huge payoff riff in "Avulsion", that follows an exemplary buildup all the way from the atmospheric instrumental "Drifter". In short: A great EP.

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