September 7, 2013

Battlefields - Agassiz

Artwork by Seldon Hunt.

Init Records is an example of a non-metal label with some interesting metal/metal related releases (in this way they are similar to Sargent House). Among the metallic treasures on the Init Records Bandcamp are the debut full-length from Wolvhammer, an early EP by The Howling Wind, and the EP Agassiz from 2011 - the latest release from the band Battlefields.

This is sludge, but not the extremely raw and harsh kind. According to this interview with Brooklyn Vegan, Agassiz lyrics deals with the destruction of the old world and the rebirth of a much more cruel new world. Lake Agassiz was an immense glacial lake, that 12,000 years ago would have been the worlds largest freshwater lake, dwarfing all the current Great Lakes put together. But there's nothing glacial about the music either (sorry, couldn't resist).

Battlefields songwriting is focused and the songs on Agassiz are fairly short (6 tracks - 27 minutes), though they cover a lot of ground. You'll hear black metal influences, and post-hardcore style melody. Quite a few memorable riffs, screamed and growled vocals, blast beats, and even a solo or two. Here's a review by the always dependable Don't Count On It Reviews; below is the player, you know what to do.

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