Thursday, September 12, 2013

TOAD - Endless Night

Review by Justin Petrick.

Take Over And Destroy or TOAD for short, is a band out of the dry heat of Arizona. They have brought upon the world their original sophomore release Endless Nights; a fluid mix of sludge, death, thrash, rock and roll and pure fun.

The opening song, "Taste of the Grave" starts from a pummeling roar into a strong central groove brought out by the sludge like guitar riff; add solid drum fills and a vocal performance that will make a listener take a second guess at what type of music they are actually enjoying. The Hammond organ that spends time as the main source of tension and ambiance is worked solidly throughout the song and by the time the song really starts going it is over. As the next song "Cosmophobia" begins with the solid thrash groove and haunting melodies of the guitar work and added synth backing. Once again the Hammond Organ reveals its presence and adds that sinister feel to the song. With mid song pace changes and a bridge that reminds you how fun listening to a great band with a scary vision can be, this song continues to show what these guys can do in a more extended burst.

The solos on the album are tight but everything seems a little compressed in the time and speeds of the songs. This is not a criticism as much as an observation, that the restrained nature of this album lends itself to the anticipation of what could be next for the band. But TOAD has definitely created a memorable album. With strong songs and solid (muddy, like it should be) production, it is a fun trip through the dark and macabre from a band that has left us wanting for more. Much more!

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