March 23, 2012

Author & Punisher - Drone Machines

Review by Aaron Sullivan.

The first time I heard if this band it came with a video to watch. You see this is truly a one man band. He uses instruments(see machines) he has created to produce the sounds that make the music he has unleashed upon the masses. It is a sight to behold. But does the music hold up without the visuals? It does!!

The music is full of hate, spite, and fury. Combining elements of Dark Ambient, Drone, DOOM, Industrial, and Electronica. Like Lustmord and Swans had a child. A very evil and angry child. Musically it is harsh and bassy. Melody takes a back seat to a pummeling sound that reminds the listener what it feels like to be a stamped out piece of steel on an assembly line. The vocals are anguished screams that seem to come from the depths of a tortured soul. But for all of it cold industrial feel it still possesses an emotional connection the listener can connect to.

Those who enjoy this album would be doing themselves a disservice if they did not youtube this guy to see just how he does it. He resembles someone controlling a robotic monster more than a person playing music. That robotic monster is Author & Punisher.

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