March 16, 2012

Nunslaughter - Hex

Nunslaughter's Hex from 2007 has been added to the Hells Headbangers Bandcamp.
9 demos, 2 singles, 27 EP's, 21 splits, 8 Best Of/Compilations, 6 live albums and 3 full-lengths. This is what Nunslaughter's career has been; a giant laundry list of death metal

There is no sign of "progression", "maturing" or other form of weakness; "Hex" is a continuation of NunSlaughter's last album or last 7" EP and soon to become a fan favorite... This is the same music you've enjoyed for the last two fucking decades!!

Let’s get something straight. Nunslaughter isn’t technical. Nunslaughter isn’t tight. Nunslaughter isn’t about sterile, clinical production. Nunslaughter is all about sloppy, goofy, hilarious old school death metal. And Nunslaughter doesn’t want to hear your God damn yap about it.
Quotes from a review from The Metal Archives, the Hells Headbangers Bandcamp page, and this review from Teufel's Tomb.

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