March 31, 2012

Planks - The Darkest Of Grays

Review by Aaron Sullivan.

Raw energy!! Planks have it in spades. Their brand of Sludge is raw and unrelenting. It's also addicting.

Despite only being a three piece band Planks engulfs you in massive waves of guitar. Energetic drumming keeps things moving at a high pace, only slowing down on occasion for you to catch your breath, and then back to the crushing. The vocals give the impression they are being yelled by a drill sergeant, adding to the immediacy of the music. The songs shift and move on dime. But never lose the listener. The production is warm and full, with a nice dry drum sound. Just the right balance so that no one instrument dominates. Making sure your ears are assaulted evenly.

Southern Lord is also selling this album on CD for the first time. They have added Planks E.P. Solicit To Fall on the same CD. If you like your Sludge raw and in your face. Then I would suggest giving this a listen.

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  1. Love this band! They bring it live too!

  2. VINYL on my PER KORO label is still available !!!
    LP comes with gatefold sleeve with reverse side printings, poster and black innersleeve.

    T.H.A.K.S. for the review!


    1. Cool, thanks for the update.

      Clickable link: