March 12, 2012

King - Sufferance Obsolescent

King's Sufferance Obsolescent from 2008 is available on the NHR Records Bandcamp. You could call this anti post-black metal. This review from The Metal Archives has a good description:
King's music is a simple and pretty brilliant setup: combine suicidal black metal with a bit of rock and roll and primitive second wave Norwegian BM to create something that's melodic, atmospheric, and depressive
The music is matched by a clear production with a raw garage rock feel. The synth driven passage are made more effective because the guitars are only half-distorted, and without the usual black metal buzzing.

[Go to the post to view the Bandcamp player]

  1. Thanks a lot! Half way through my first listen and I like it.

    1. Yeah it's not bad. I like how they manage to make the uptempo rock and roll parts sound really depressive too.