March 17, 2012

Orthodox - Amanecer en Puerta Oscura

Review by Aaron Sullivan.

Southern Lord has been a label I have found quality music from time and time again. Spain's Orthodox are no exception. With their first album they established themselves as a Drone/DOOM band. But with this second album they have expanded their sound a great deal.

This time around some of their songs have almost as much in common with free form Jazz as anything Sunn O))) has done. With the addition of clarinet and trumpet on few of the songs they add an interesting twist to their style of Drone/DOOM. The album has a great flow to it. Mixing the hit you over the head style DOOM, along with few ambient tracks. Keeping the album varied and the listener on it's toes. The drumming is monstrous. He beats the skins like a rented mule helping to really drive many of the songs. While the bass and guitars give you everything from sparse ambient sounds to full on ear assault.

Another band that they bring to mind is OM. Like them, their songs feel like meditative rituals. Whether they are songs that free your mind or exercise your demons.

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Update: The album was released in Europe by Alone Records, Southern Lord handled the US version.

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