March 4, 2012

Fire in the Cave - Fire in the Cave

Review by Aaron Sullivan.

Artwork by Jean Saiz (Shroud Eater).

From the ashes of Bad Actor comes a new band Fire In The Cave. Consisting of the same line up but with a different approach. This time with a more atmospheric type Sludge. The riffs are meaty and the vocals have a Hardcore Punk feel to them. The ebb and flow of the songs work well. They balance the heaviness with the softer parts, allowing songs to breathe and progress naturally. The lead work is also something that stands out adding an old school metal feel to it. Only two songs. But they show the promise this band has. Hoping to hear much more from these guys in the future.

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1 comment:
  1. I definitely found myself really liking this one. I'm interested to see what they could do over an album.