June 23, 2012

Earthen Grave - Earthen Grave

I read about Earthen Grave on Angry Metal Guy. The esteemed Steel Druhm described it as an odd, doom/biker rock/progressive metal fusion and quite a difficult album to get a handle on. He then wrote about Rachel Barton Pine on violin and Jason Muxlow on guitar:
Rachel Barton Pine makes the instrument an integral part of the sound, yet manages to keep it from becoming cheesy or tiresome. The various riffs crafted by Jason Muxlow are also quite effective and run the gamut from classic doom, angry hard rock and spacey progressive weirdness.
Color me intrigued! As usual when I read about something that sounds interesting I check if it's available on Bandcamp, and here we are. I don't really have anything intelligent to add to Mr. Druhms words, but I like Earthen Grave a lot, and I think that you should check them out.

[Go to the post to view the Bandcamp player]

  1. Yeah exactly. Riffs galore, violin, and delicious clean singing. It is very likable.

  2. Rachel Barton Pine is a goddess.

    1. The violin intro to Death on the High Seas sure sounds like it's being played by a goddess.