June 3, 2012

Young Hunter - Stone Tools

Young Hunter have released their new album Stone Tools. This is a mix of hazy doom and fuzzy stoner rock. Psychedelic and cinematic. Occasionally a little heaviness creeps in, but mostly this is mellow and almost meditative music, enhanced by vocals like a beat poet’s drug-induced recitations and chanting backing vocals. Read the review from Valley of Steel and take a trip thorugh the desert with Young Hunter.

  1. This is good. Reminds me of a band called Black Mountain.

    1. Yeah it is good,, but... Two of the songs originally appeared on the Children of a Hungry World EP, where they had a just little more of a black metal sound. I wish they had kept that sound.

    2. Will check that out. Sounds interesting.

  2. Replies
    1. It seems the album is no longer on Bandcamp. I'll check with the band