Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mare Cognitum - An Extraconscious Lucidity

Mare Cognitum has just released their new album An Extraconscious Lucidity. This follows 2011's excellent The Sea Which Has Become Known, and the basic colors are the same as on that album: Atmospheric and melodic black metal that captures the cold vastness of outer space.

On An Extraconscious Lucidity the palette has been expanded, the production makes everything feels a little bigger, and the drumming is much more dynamic. I especially like the passages that mixes medium tempos with fast double bass kicks, creating parts that feels both fast and slow at the same time.

What really surprised me is how much of a guitar album this is. Starting with the lush chords in the intro to the first song Collapse Into Essence, that segues into a section with epic layered riffing before the actual song begins. The second song Pyre of Ascendance has a long passage that starts with a few searing chords, continues with what sounds almost tech-death riffing, and ends with epic soloing. Amazing stuff.

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Update. The Mare Cognitum Facebook page was updated with the following message: A remixed and remastered version of the album was uploaded to the bandcamp. You can tell which version you have by the track lengths (The silence between tracks was shortened). If your copies are longer length than you find listed there, re-download - this one sounds better!

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