Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wormed - Planisphærium

Cover by Phlegeton

A remastered and expanded version of Wormed's Planisphærium from 2003 has been released on the Willowtip Bandcamp. Press play and you will be pummeled by the brutal death metal of opener Tunnel Of Ions. You will be baffled by the subsonic pig squeal growls. They are utterly unintelligible, so you will not note the astronomy themed lyrics mentioned in this review of the original 2003 release from Invisible Oranges:
Don’t be scared off by "super brutal death metal." Sure, it has the requisite pig squeal vocals, but otherwise this album is more like a Willowtip release in its precision and technicality. No gory artwork, no drum machines, no disgusting lyrics. Instead, you get Tron artwork and lyrics like

"Reconstruction in the amorphous line of time
Powerful emanation of energy
I see the constellations changing colour
Mathematical combination of triangular visions."

How you can not love this band?
You will also love the incredibly tight playing and how the songs are crammed with riffs and tempo shifts, and scattered with progressive elements. Here's another review of the original release, from Teufel's Tomb.

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Note: The original release and some of the demo material added to the expanded version is available on the Wormed Bandcamp with "All the money going to Wormed directly, no intermediaries."

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  1. This is indeed an immense release.

    I think a next good recommend would be Withered Shades by Ophis that's out on Solitude Productions.

    Check it out!