June 25, 2012

Hail Spirit Noir - Pneuma

Review by Andy Osborn.

Artwork by Jesse Peper (In Solitude).

Much like their homeland in turmoil, these Greeks are proud, complex, and utterly unique. Falling somewhere between '70s psychedelia, futuristic black metal and a circus-like madness, Pneuma is a testament to the weirdness of experimental heavy music. The tracks force concentration with their ADD-like tendencies, yet never sacrifice interesting songwriting and still inject oddly dance-able hooks in the process. Swirling time-signatures evolve into blastbeats of the highest quality, reminiscent of a satanic masquerade.

Even if you've never seen their mind-bending videos, Hail Spirit Noir's music immediately conjures of scenes of a modern Cabinet of Dr. Caligari; other-worldly surrealism that torments the psyche and rejects any concepts of normality. This off-the-wall debut will surely prove to be one of the strongest of 2012.

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