June 28, 2012

SardoniS - II

Written by Ulla Roschat.

The Jungle Experience.

SardoniS is a sludge doom duo from Belgium. “II” is their second full length album. Seven long instrumental tracks with downtuned guitars and pounding drums take you on a journey through a sonic wilderness. They push you into a rough jungle of thick heavy curtains of earthy sludge only to be crushed by a straightforward thrashing like machetes cutting through jungle vegetation.

Before you know what’s going on you are at the mercy of white water rapids. Seconds before you drown you land on a smooth clearing of acoustic guitar sounds. What? Acoustic? Yes, but only to get finally drowned in relentless heaviness and monolithic riffs that cover you with sludge.

And never once, throughout the just short of forty minutes of the album you ask: “Where are the vocals?”

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