Friday, August 10, 2012

Dead To A Dying World - Dead To A Dying World

Review by Aaron Sullivan.

Artwork by Bryan K. Ward

Blackened Sludge is sub-genre that has seen some growth in the last year. Bands like WOLVHAMMER, COFFINWORM, LORD MANTIS, and handful of others leading the way. Hailing from Texas DEAD TO A DYING WORLD have thrown their hat in the ring, and like so many things that come from Texas, it is a big one.

EPIC! That word alone is what keeps coming up when describing this band to people. With only three song totaling over 40 minutes there is a lot to take in. Not satisfied with the usual instruments to create such music, they add an upright bass and cello into the mix making this a seven person band. Again, everything about this is big. With so many instruments you would think it could be chaotic, but in fact it is anything but. Songs are streamlined. The production(done by Kylesa’s Phillip Cope) is done in a way that no one instrument dominate over the others. Each instrument is able to add layers to make the songs fuller. The cello is utilized at times as though it were the lead guitar. Songs sound and feel so triumphant and epic they at times give off the vibe of Symphonic Black Metal. This band does more in three songs than some bands do in entire albums, but there is not a wasted note on this album.

Blackened Sludge is still in its infancy as a growing sub-genre. But with bands thinking outside the box the way these guys do and expanding what is possible in the genre, the future looks very bright.

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  1. Replies
    1. The cello stuff is nice, but what I like most is the passages with black metal screams on top of a sludgy bass.

  2. I cannot recommend enough listening to this on vinyl, quite simply awesome!