August 15, 2012

Ethernal - Arkioas

Ethernal - Arkioas adds intriguing atmospheric and progressive parts to a base of old-school black metal. Not raw and frostbitten, the production is warm, the drums are natural sounding (and wonderfully played), and the guitars have a kind of rounded buzzing sound. Catchy, almost thrashy riffing gives way to epic passages, some with clean and acoustic guitars and lots of reverb and sustain. The title track even has a long passage with clean echoing picking, that wouldn't have been out of place on an early Pink Floyd album. This is a black metal band that doesn't sound like many other black metal bands.

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The download of Arkioas includes a pdf booklet with complete lyrics and credits.

  1. This was a great release! Very groovy and diverse.

    1. Groovy is weird word to use about black metal, but yeah you're right. And certainly diverse too.

  2. CDs of Arkioas are now available through Bandcamp.

  3. We've also added this to the Download: