Friday, August 31, 2012

Leucosis - Pulling Down the Sky

Leucosis' 2011 release Pulling Down the Sky is now available on Bandcamp. This is atmospheric, gritty and very doomy black metal. Despite that acoustic track with the sound of howling wolves, this is pretty far from the whole Cascadian foresty thing. The production is a little rawer and fuzzier than typical for the genre, it is also pretty quiet, so turn it up.

The cover and the title track tells the story of cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov. The Living Doorway got a fascinating quote from Jeff from Leucosis about it:
The Soviets basically sent this guy into space in a half-finished spacecraft, and he burned up on reentry. The radio noises on Track 2 are his screams as he came crashing down to earth. The crazy part about this guy's story is that pretty much everybody knew the spacecraft was gonna fail, but nobody wanted to take responsibility (they'd get killed, thrown in the gulags, etc). Basically a really fucked situation. The picture on the cover is of the superior officers gazing upon the horrors they were responsible for, perhaps seeing that black mess on the table as something within themselves.
You can read more here about the fate of Vladimir Komarov in this NPR piece. You can also read reviews of Pulling Down the Sky from The Inarguable and Teeth of the Divine.

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  1. Thanks for linking to my review! Great album, this one is.

  2. You're welcome. Got the link to the NPR piece on Komarov from you, such an interesting (and tragic) story.

  3. вы уебки тупые, вы хоть знаете что это за фотография